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About Foundations for Learning

Foundations for Learning provides a solid PreSchool program.


The children who have attended Foundations for Learning have excelled in area schools as they moved on with their education.

It is extremely important for young children to learn about themselves in a constructive way so that they have acceptance of, and confidence in, themselve. That is our goal at Foundations for Learning. Our children are provided with varied and interesting experiences. In doing so, they develop feelings of self discipline, self respect and self assurance.

At Foundations for Learning, children are also given the opportunity and guidance to relate well to their peers. Social interaction is an important part of the curriculum at Foundations for Learning.

Our teachers encourage self expression and creativity.

Our staff, programs and facilities meet each child's desire to become a responsible, well rounded individual.

a schience class for preschoolers at Foundations for Learning

Creative Curriculum:

We use the Creative Curriculum. Many opportunities are incorporated into the classroom for your child to learn about the world. As your child's abilities mature, her understanding and experience of the world changes. When your child leaves she will have a foundation of the pre-academic skills she needs to be successful in Kindergarten.

We also teach children how to plan and organize their day. We offer a diversity of materials to encourage each child�s creativity and individual expression.

Language skill development

Teachers are constantly talking with the children about their play, providing an environment that is rich in language experience. All classrooms have labels, with both words and pictures. Our teachers also teach children to listen. Listening, is a critical component of learning and of understanding and communicating with others.

We teach children listening skills.

In order to learn and to understand other people, children need to know how to listen. As the teachers listen to the children in an accepting and nurturing manner, children learn to listen to each other and to themselves.

By learning to listen, our students learn about their feelings and about social interaction. By learning to first listen and then question, they develop the critical ability to challenge what is said and to evaluate the information they receive.

106 Griswold Street       Glastonbury, CT 06033       Map and directions >
Phone: 860-430-1665            Fax: 860-430-1673
Hours of operation: 7:00am-6:00pm, Monday thru Friday